Champions of Change – Diana Dahlia PR Presents Trailblazing Diversity & Inclusion London Fashion Show

Diversity and Inclusion were at the centre of the ‘All Things Fashion – The Fashionista Event’ presented by Diana Dahlia PR at the 2022 London Fashion Week.

In a ground-breaking display of fashion and culture, models of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds walked the runway to showcase the collections of designers,  internationally acclaimed for pioneering inclusive fashion.

The mission was to uproot the stereotypes, long entrenched in the fashion industry and shine a light on those groups that are often excluded from the runway. BAME, LGBTQ+ and disabled models, designers, guests and crew came together to rejoice in culture and difference for a night to remember. 

Serenaded by sweet melodies from the JK Marsh brother and sister String Duo, the guests took their seats and everyone took a minute’s silence to reflect on the recent passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. 

The show opened with a dramatic soundscape of derogatory stereotypes associated with the fashion industry; ‘She’s too dark, he’s not tall enough, she’s too big,’ before giving way to a spectacular opening by the Millwall Lionesses.

Caryn Franklin MBE,

Annaliese Dayes, of America’s Next Top Model hosted the event and welcomed guest speaker, Caryn Franklin MBE, who congratulated Diana Dahlia on being ‘a visionary, a thinker and a great leader’ followed by a vibrant parade of exquisite fashion.

Spectacular collections displaying culture and style, with hair by Design Essentials and Josh Hair & Beauty, were unveiled.  Makeup was provided by Geraldo Frazao and Natalia Dacrie, using Pat McGrath Labs.

José Hendo was the first to captivate the audience with a trans-seasonal PAST PRESENT FUTURE Design Series, a sustainable haute couture collection inspired by the River Nile. José paid homage to her rich cultural heritage by using traditional Ugandan bark wood alongside other sustainable textiles to promote ‘ eco-sustainable circular design’.

Next up was Urban brand, Mercier, with their effortlessly cool AW23 streetwear collection; followed by House of YGA, who impressed guests with an eclectic blend of Afro fashion and Old Hollywood Glamour.

The show’s finalé ended with a stunning collection from the African King of Couture himself, Adebayo Jones. Rich materials and exquisite details set apart Adebayo’s aptly named ‘Luxuriance’ collection. It was a vision of African opulence, leaving lasting images with the attendees long after the catwalk lights dimmed.

All agreed that the ‘ All Things Fashion – The Fashionista Event’ was a huge stepping stone that is paving the way towards accessible and inclusive fashion. 

Adebayo Jones endorsed the sentiment with glowing praise of ‘the dynamic duo: Diana Dahlia and Steven Jervis’ for providing a ‘not only thrilling, but fabulously rewarding and fulfilling experience’.

Diana Dahlia, Steven Jervis and their team have succeeded in igniting industry change.  They promise that the road will not end there.

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