The Importance of Packaging Your Products Right

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When looking at the marketing mistakes that businesses most often make, there’s one that often isn’t considered by smaller setups: the packaging of your products. Here, we’re going to look at why effective packaging for your products is vital, and what you can do to make sure that you’re giving it the attention that it deserves.

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The Practicals Of Packaging

First and foremost, think about how your packaging is used and how practically it fits the needs of the products and customers. This includes thinking about how effectively it seals your products, especially those that could be at risk of contamination. But you should also think about how much space it uses, how ergonomically it fits in the hand, and how accessible it makes the product. Investing in quality packaging can be essential for both the customer experience and for the integrity of the product itself.

Flying Off Store Shelves

Beyond the practical considerations of what kind of packaging your products need, you should also think about how they look, especially when they are on store shelves. If they don’t grab the eye of the customers, they are less likely to be picked up, as simple as that. You want your products to be immediately recognisable for what they are, so clarity in packaging is important, but you also want a clear brand identity, so that they’re able to stand out amongst the competition. There are even market research companies that help you test how likely customers are to be attracted to your products on shelves.

Creating A Good Impression

Not all products belong on store shelves, of course. There are those that get delivered to the hands of your customers directly, such as those that are ordered online. However, even then, a little focus on the brand and aesthetic can make a big difference. Putting vinyl stickers on your postage boxes, for instance, can make it instantly recognisable when one of your products comes through the door. It makes the presentation a little more professional and also creates a point of excitement when receiving and opening the package, creating a positive customer experience that can influence them to keep coming back.

Building Brand Recognition

Just as important as how effectively it helps you actually sell your products, good product packaging design also helps you define the look of your brand. If you already have a specific brand look, then think about how you can use those elements to help your products better fit it. Hitting the hammer on the same points and focusing on the consistency of the message and look can help your brand develop its signature. It makes it much more easy to recognise, especially among competitors. Brand awareness is a very powerful tool for retaining customers.

How you package your products is both a practical and an aesthetic concern. Aesthetics is more than just vanity, however, it can be an important part of how you build market awareness and even how you create a more positive customer experience, keeping them coming back.

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