My Wonderful Bespoke Beauty Journey


Cheryl Huggins
Cheryl Huggins – Bespoke Makeup Artist

After an unpleasant stay in hospital last year suffering from exhaustion, Cheryl Huggins decided to reset her life on a path of self-fulfillment to follow her passion and realise her dreams. In this story, Cheryl shares with us the highs and lows of her wonderful journey to establish her own bespoke beauty service.

Where it All Began

Born to parents from Trinidad and Tobago, with a penchant for service and creativity I followed my passion and started working to develop my  mobile on demand ‘Bespoke Beauty Spa’ business towards the end of 2016. Having spent many years as a full time carer for my mother in the UK and having lost my father to Cancer in Trinidad. I was a single mother and experienced a horrendous short stay in hospital due to exhaustion.

Quickly realising how close I had come to not realising my dreams nor seeing my son complete his,  I focused on my recovery. In March 2016 I attended a workshop for Successful Mums in Kent over 6 weeks, in which I learnt the necessary guidelines and direction for my business. The class discussed marketing strategies,  business acumen with a group of women who had to work around career changes, and wanted to create their own businesses. I knew this was my time, to take my journey to follow my dream.

Researching into the Beauty Industry with a view to capitalise on my experience and capabilities, market trends dictated the decision to create an on demand, Mobile Bespoke Beauty Spa and Makeup Service.

Returning to One of the Fastest Growing Industries

The beauty business in the UK is worth over £17 billion, at present it remains one of the fastest growing Industries, globally.  With my extensive background in Fashion and Beauty and my career as a Further Education lecturer, National Makeup Artist for Shiseido, Anti-aging facial specialist for Guerlain Cosmetics in Paris, M.A.C Pro Retail artist in Selfridges and London Fashion Week, I decided to return to my career.

My typical makeup or beauty customer would be anyone, any race any age who has an interest in looking glamorous or natural, maybe returning to work and resuming an exciting career. At present I specialise in Acupressure Relaxation Massage, Advanced Pain-free Waxing, and Luxurious Bespoke Facials. The rituals and therapies can be tailored to suit a variety of skin types, budgets and skin concerns. This enables my client’s to feel my passion,  enjoy natural techniques and exceptional training in London and Europe garnered from the masters of Parisian and Japanese skincare.

Beauty for all women
Beauty for all women

Launching my Makeup Masterclass seminars in Kent last year to a sold out audience, I realised during the demonstration that women on average have 15 or more toiletries/skincare items that they use on a daily basis. Makeup and beauty sales have soared, with most consumers purchasing items without knowing what they have purchased or what they are used for and where to place them. What is  a BB cream?, Why have I purchased the wrong shade foundation? How do I make a suitable colour choice for foundation or lipstick? The most common mistake, most women make is applying too much product, and not blending to create a radiant look.

On my blog,  I discuss makeup for all women, reviewing different products and skincare brands. I intend to use my research to write a Beauty Book that will unveil the difficulties growing up with little to no makeup for women of colour, how to wear makeup to flatter, and confidence in applying great makeup looks.

The Women who Inspired Me Along the Way

I  loved Diana Ross, Iman who were all influencers in Fashion, and Beauty, I will look to continue striving forward  to one day create the perfect brand for women of colour.

I was also strongly influenced by the awesome London models, I remember watching Sheila Ming, Della Finch, and the infamous Naomi Campbell walking down the catwalks in exquisite gowns. US celebrity model Beverly Johnson, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista were ground breaking beauty role models who are still, very beautiful today.

Cheryl working
Cheryl at work

I consider myself to be more of an educator assisting women, men and teens to achieve the best techniques and make ethical choices for skin care, stress relief, and relaxation. After winning  a modelling and Makeup Course in Bond Street aged 16, I trained  with one of London’s top models, Judy James learning and practising basic skills. Transferring from Fashion to makeup, was a simple progression.  I have a background in Art and Needlework from school and gained a place at the prestigious  London College of Fashion after showing my grades and portfolio of work, I was able to enrol at a course in Fashion and Design. Being artistic allows you to view and convey colours in a unique way as we see shapes, images and patterns in a more eclectic manner.

Transitioning from Fashion to Beauty

The transition was relatively smooth, I worked as a Fashion editor, for Root magazine in the 80’s which involved styling, dressing models, fashion shows and creative makeup. I was mentored by Ann Mathew at Vogue House who gave me valuable advice. Training is crucial in all fields of expertise, and to be able to deliver a high standard of work, you have to take yourself out of your comfort zone to work with the best. At M.A.C I worked and learned from Terry Barber who is now Director of Makeup Artistry in UK and Europe.

I am qualified to teach Makeup and Beauty and worked with Linda White and Shirley Daniels at Bromley College in Kent. Many years working in Harrods for Calvin Klein, they taught me the most professional level of customer service. Shiseido and Guerlain instilled the importance of delivering first class skincare and a beneficial massage and makeup application.I was fortunate to have trained with some of the best skincare houses in the world and have travelled and trained at the exclusive Ecole Guerlain in Paris and with Nicola at Shiseido Cosmetics.

Keeping Up with a Changing World

 I currently try to attend at least 2 courses a year to keep up with the Industry techniques and products and regularly attend exhibitions and seminars to see the brand educators deliver new products. I love  to work with skincare brands that are environmentally friendly and ethically working to develop ‘clean’ methods without petrochemicals. My family, my Mum and Dad had a fantastic work ethic and ran their own businesses after extensive training with great companies. Both of my brothers are great role models and my son is clearly following in their footsteps creating his own online film + editing studio at age 15. I have just signed up for an intensive photography course to assist with my blog and beauty book.

In 5 years time I would like to have an ethical skincare brand successfully addressing women’s skincare needs, using naturally sourced ingredients especially to assist with menopause and the aging process. With classes and seminars I will demonstrate how fabulous we can all look, using simple techniques that will stand the test of time.

Cheryl Huggins Beauty
Creating the glamorous and natural look for today’s women

My Beauty Icons lead the Way

I love Iman, Michelle Obama and Rachel Zoe for Fashion and style, they are always dressed to suit their lifestyles and not afraid to take risks with hairstyles and clothes. For many years I loved Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and  Dorothy Dandridge, they wore the classic couture styles with such grace and poise, achieving flawless makeup and complexions. In today’s industry I do love Makeup Shayla for natural creativity and application, and for artistic license it would be Mr Sam Fine, Kevin Aucoin and Mario Dedivanovic, the international makeup gurus.

My daily Inspiration is watching the passion and talent within my 15 year old son when he is editing his film and various gaming projects. I have been very fortunate to have a wonderful family, loving parents and great friends who are all very creative and talented in their professions and have continued to inspire me daily.

I share my excitement and blessing by celebrating my life,  working hard to achieve the dreams and destiny that I previously pursued.


Arriving at my Beauty Destination

Cheryl Huggins Bespoke Beauty Spa services and Makeup Artistry is based in Kent and has an extensive range of therapies, tailored to suit your needs: from luxurious facial therapies, anti-aging treatments and deeply energising massages at the touch of a button.

I would like to offer Diversity Business Magazine readers and subscribers the opportunity to receive a FREE Consultation.

Book now for a personalised consultation for Skincare advice or Makeup Lessons. Book a treatment in April 2017 and claim your discounted therapy today by sending your details to the link below.

Thank you for your time. Join me at the Urban Beauty Secret for your beauty and makeup needs!




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