Karen Jones – Spreading the Word through Love and Fitness

Karen Jones is a different type of fitness instructor. She describes herself as a well-being and fitness coach dedicated to a holistic approach to health and wellness. In the two years she has been running her business, ‘Happy You Happy Body’ Karen has won accolades and cultivated a huge following on social media with her posting of positive messages.

Karen Jones did not start her adult life with the same positive outlook. Her story resembles that of many women, particularly Mums going through the unhelpful process of yo-yo dieting after having children. Her inspiration to do something about it and then motivate others has moved many. In this extract she reaches out to more women by recapturing the main turning points in her life, starting with the joyful choice of her business name.

Happy You Happy Body came about because it’s the name of my book. I thought it would be the perfect umbrella name to cover my fitness, public speaking, talks and book.

I knew the ‘Happy You’ had to come before the ‘Happy Body’ as many people think that happiness is an outside job. They think they will be happy once they get something outside of themselves ie, the perfect body or weight. That’s not how happiness works. It’s an inside job. You choose to be happy from the inside out then it makes the getting fit and being a healthy weight much easier and happier experience. I know this to be true because I tried hating myself into change. That’s when it’s not so pleasant. It doesn’t work long term.

The Positive Light of Social Media

It’s freedom for me to post about positive things. I seem to get sent from wherever: Either from feeds or social media platforms. I might go to Google to choose an inspirational or motivational thought, type it in and see what comes up. I know if it lifts me, it’s sure to lift someone else. It motivates and inspires me to motivate and inspire someone else, it’s a two way street. I see social media in a positive light. I use it that way and that’s what comes back to me. I scroll passed the negative stuff. I know it’s there but it’s not for me. I don’t judge what others do. They do what’s right for them, I do what’s right for me. I do raise a lot of awareness on bullying and narcissistic abuse. I was once in a relationship. I stayed far longer than I should have, not knowing I was in an abusive relationship. Until I was in way too deep, scared to leave. Not knowing that my abuser had a personality disorder. It’s really important to raise awareness and let people know the signs to look out for. Even then, I do it in a positive light.

Uniqueness makes us Beautiful

Learn to love the skin you’re in. Aim for healthy over perfect weight. There’s no such thing as a perfect body, only a perfect body for you. Never measure yourself by anybody else’s body. You’re beautiful like you, they are beautiful like them. Our own uniqueness makes us beautiful. When we learn to love what we have been given and accept and love ourselves as we uniquely are, then the changes will come from a place of love than from a place of hating ourselves into change.

As far as the internet and magazines, most of it is fake. You have to see it for what it is. It can only put you under pressure, if you allow it. Learn to take from it what you want and navigate and educate yourself as to what’s right for you. Ask yourself lots of questions. Is what I’m reading or looking at nourishing my mind? Making me feel good or not? Learn to tune in or out of what is or what is not. We need to celebrate our bodies, cherish & look after them.

A Mission to Empower Mothers

I’m passionate about helping women and empowering them with exercise & healthy eating. I lean towards helping Mothers the most because I know exactly how it felt to be a young mum heavily overweight and how I lost that weight unhealthily. The thing is, if I can help the Mums, then the Mums can help the children. It will filter down. Mums lead by example. They can show their children how to be healthily. Men matter too. If women and men can be happy with their bodies, the world would be a much happier, better place. Better relationships with ourselves and with others. A world of happy, healthy bodies.

Spreading the Love through Fitness

My motivation to write my book was therapeutic. I wanted to help others with my knowledge. I love helping people. I’ve transformed my life with fitness by looking after, loving and taking care of my body. It has got me to where I am today – an awesome career doing what I love. It gave me the strength to get out of a toxic and unhappy relationship.

I use my voice to now spread the fitness word. I went on a book writing course which helped me to understand what I was doing which made the whole process easy. I wrote my book in around 12 weeks. I scheduled it in and made it happen. The same as running a marathon or training for a bikini fitness contest. If you schedule things in you make them happen.

Powerful Manifestations

I would love to appear on TV. That would be amazing. I love radio I love all platforms. I have been interviewed on a few podcasts now, they are really cool. I know I will go on TV. It’s just a matter of time, ha ha, power of manifestation.

I wish I knew the power of loving myself sooner. Being kinder to myself. Mistakes are to be learnt from. Be proud of who I am.

Happy Business Rewards

I came runner up for the second year running for a Women’s Champion Award for Kent Women in Business. I also came runner up for the second year running as a Health & Wellness Champion for the Kent Health & Beauty awards. It’s AMAZING, I really do feel like a champion. I never saw these coming. For me, I went from a stay-at-home Mum to a working Mum, rebuilding my life and career from the ground up. I have created a life that I love by helping others. How awesome is that!

For more about ‘Happy You Happy Body’ view: http://www.happyyouhappybody.co.uk/



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