Third Time Lucky on the Women in Business Radio Show





Myself and fellow guest Karen Jones with Joseph Wooltorton Co-presenter of the Community Radio Show on Channel Radio.

I was privileged to be a guest on the fabulous Women in Business  Radio Show hosted by Sian Murphy and her co-host Laura Burton Lawrence on Channel Radio. This is the third time lucky for me and while on air the minutes fled by amid laughter, fun and yes serious topic of women in business.  My fellow guest was Karen Jones a personal trainer from Happy You Happy Body fame ! She’s just written a book about how she achieved her happy body and the happy changes it brought to her life. Unfortunately we are not able to listen again to the programme this time but it’s always worth tuning into the Women in Business Radio show every Thursday as you are bound to pick up nuggets of wisdom and hear stories from the wonderful line up of guests.

For more about the Women in Business Radio click the link:

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