7 Features To Make Your Company App More App-ealing

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Apps can be a great marketing tool for businesses. By encouraging customers to download your app, you can provide them with a constant reminder of your business on their phone, which can encourage return business. Of course, customers aren’t going to download your app unless there’s a real advantage to using it. This means identifying handy features that you can incorporate into your app to make it more attractive. Below are a few examples.

Loyalty points

Allowing customers to collect loyalty points on an app with every purchase is one great incentive to get people to download your app. Such loyalty points could be collected by scanning the app in store or by making remote purchases directly through the app. These points can then be spent on future purchases – allowing customers to save money in the long run. 

Exclusive discounts

Alternatively, you could provide exclusive discounts on certain products to every customer that uses your app. These discounts could be available when buying products through your app. Alternatively, if you own a physical store or restaurant, you could simply ask customers to show them your app in order to access exclusive discounts. It’s up to you which products you decide to discount and for how long you run these discounts. 

Table service

If you own a bar or a restaurant, offering customers the ability to order food/drink to their table via your app could be a great feature. Not only does it allow customers to order food and drink in their own time, but it could save you and your staff time taking orders from customers in person. Allowing customers to pay through the app could also be an option.

Delivery tracking

If you deliver products to customers’ home addresses – whether it’s takeout food or clothes – you could create a location-based app that allows customers to track their orders via GPS. To enable this, you’ll need to make sure that couriers are willing to always share their location while making deliveries. On top of tracking the location, a delivery tracking feature could also potentially tell customers if their product is still being prepared, and if so what stage of preparation.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging features can be useful on apps for allowing customers to connect with a staff member without having to phone up or send an email. Unlike a website chat feature which may lead customers to a sales rep, an app instant messaging feature could aim to serve existing customers who are already using a product or service but may have queries. 

Quick payment options

A company app could also offer faster payment options to make purchasing products more convenient. This could include features like credit card detail scanning via phone camera so that new customers can quickly enter their card details, and the option to save bank details for return customers. 

Digital collectibles/trophies

One feature that is more fun than practical is the option to earn trophies or collectibles by purchasing products. This is a feature that has started to become popular with some kids products – this includes food products that come with collectible trading cards that can then be scanned and stored in a digital library on an app. Some companies have even integrated games into apps that can only be unlocked by purchasing certain products (or a certain amount of products), helping to add a gamification element.

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