A Round Table of Excellence at the Empowered Men’s Circle Conference

Singing with one voice, the chorus of the day was made loud and clear by each Speaker at the ‘Empowered Men’s Circle’ online event called Unlocking Potential – Impacting Lives.’ The rallying cry, which became the theme, was for greater collaboration and unity to overcome the multiple challenges faced by young black men in the world.

Inspired and co-hosted by Mercy Francis, a Promoter who worked with Operations Black Vote and Founder of the ‘Black History Month in Parliament’ annual event. Mercy wanted to bring hope to young people by connecting them with leaders from the corporate, private, governmental, voluntary, academic, sporting and creative worlds. In short men who had achieved excellence in their chosen fields.

Assembled from every corner of the African diaspora, including Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and America, the distinguished guests raised confidence by sharing personal stories of success and shining a light on areas of progress and positive actions around the world.

The resounding call was for a need to collaborate across borders, communities, ethnicities, and generations, recognising the disproportionate impact of Covid 19 on young black people and the structural inequalities underlined by Black Lives Matter movements.   The Speakers pressed for steps to raise our own capital, own our own media, tell our own stories, find our own solutions, increase education and capacity building opportunities and entry into entrepreneurship.

As one speaker concluded, The Men’s Empowerment conference provided a perfect opportunity to “grab hold of our own narratives …and shine a light on germs of success and hidden away examples of excellence.” Nero Ughwujabo; Former Special Advisor to UK Prime Minister Theresa May on Social Justice.

To hear the distinguished Speakers and learn more about the Unlocking Potential – Impacting Lives – Empowered Men’s Circle follow the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEszdKEzqqQ

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