Author Angela R Morris Fights for Her Readers to be Free.

Interview by Malaika Kambona

We could all do with a dose of “Don’t Let Them Stop You! – It’s Personal” the latest book by author Angela R Morris in which she advocates fighting for your freedom as part of the  journey to self discovery. The motivational book is a frank wake up call to unburden yourself from the pressures of other people’s expectations. We delve more into her views  in the following interview.

Congratulations on the publication of your book “Don’t Let Them Stop You! – It’s Personal.” What was the inspiration for the book? 

Thank you for your kind acknowledgement. Throughout the years of interacting with many people on both personal and professional levels, I have come across many individuals who were scared to step out of their “discomfort” zone in order to do what made them happy. This book was written for them.

I must say that in recent years I see myself as a “personal freedom fighter”. Being free is something some of us have to fight to obtain and maintain. I believe that everyone has the right to become their authentic selves but understand that this process can be hampered by the opinions of others. 

Is the book targeted to a certain group/demographic? 

This book could be described as a motivational/self-help book. It is written for individuals who feel that they are not living up to their full potential and are unsure as to the reasons why. 

What has been amazing to me is that individuals of all ages read my book. It has been very moving to talk to young people and much older people. They relay back to me how inspired they are to start living life on their terms and not under the expectation of others. One of my oldest readers who I have met in person, was over 80 years old and the youngest, was just 20 years old. 

Did you encounter any external pressures when writing the book? 

None I can think of. If I am truly committed to getting something done, I become laser focused in my quest to finish it. This book was a birthday present to myself, and I gave myself one year to complete it. I did it in eight months and was still working full time with my clients. When I am excited about something, working late nights or early starts don’t bother me at all!

You have led an interesting career in health and social care as well as in business and financial consultancy services. How did these experiences shape your views? 

I think the common denominator of working in any service-based industry is that the customer needs 1: your expertise and 2: your support to access services.

Some of the chapters in the book come from a place of learning and understanding which has been directly influenced by my working life and the additional studies that I undertook to learn more about human behaviours. 

The contents are a combination of facts and opinions, however there are many more facts than opinions. I have made a concerted effort to stick to facts with interjections of my lived experiences. It was important to me that I was not merely “preaching” at people (anyone can do that) but also that they didn’t feel “judged.” I believe the best way to achieve this balance as a writer, (of this kind of work), is to share a bit of yourself.

You are the UK’s number one supported living business coach. Does it take a particular mindset to succeed in this career? 

I believe that there are certain principles that are not negotiable when it comes to being successful in career or business regardless of what product or service you deliver. As a small business owner,  it is about being willing to put in the work, time and effort to perfect your craft and skills. I believe in taking the time to become a specialist, as well as understanding the art of selling, you will yield the rewards which will last over time. Interestingly, I have started to write about this very subject in my next book!

Who or what has been the biggest ‘influencer’ in your life. 

I believe that the journey of being influenced can change over time. There is usually more than one person involved.

For me it started with my parents in my early years, then it became the church and then finally it was my time in therapy and expanding my knowledge whilst obtaining formal qualifications.

What does success look like to you? This can be related to the book or in life in general. 

Success is truly relative to the individual. In my case it looks like peace of mind and enjoying the fact that I am able to continually make a positive contribution to my family, friends and my clients.

Don’t Let them Stop you- It’s Personal’ is an interesting title only because in life we are usually told to not take things personally.  What do you mean by this? 

Indeed, it was a deliberate play on words! I think that you need to take your life personally because it’s your life! I believe we are living in an era where on the one hand there is a desire to de-personalise or minimise an individual’s feelings or experiences. Just take a look at what is shown on social media! On the other hand, there is a lot of noise about “rights”. People can be made to feel uncomfortable about their choices and I am here to tell them not to worry as long as they are not trying to destroy others in the process!

“Don’t Let Them Stop You! – It’s Personal is on Amazon now.

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