Businesses Satisfied with High Turn out at White Label World Expo 2022

Sales Assistant Adi, from ION Powerful ‘enjoyed interacting with customers.’

The White Label World Expo UK 2022 which took place on 2nd and 3rd March at the London ExCel was brimming with online sellers taking advantage of the in person experience to showcase their products and services.

Online businesses such as Ion Powerful UK which usually sells through Amazon, was able to maximise the opportunity to give demonstrations of their natural therapeutic products which include magnetic bracelets and chains.

Sales Assistant Adi, showing them first hand how their products can help with pain relief and other health issues. 

‘So far business is going great,’ she said. ‘ As a company we like to do shows and exhibitions quite a lot. The White Label World Expo is a great platform to reach new customers.’

For more information about Ion Powerful , contact number +44(0)7878650581. 

Julian Hogan (pictured above), Operation and Sales Manager at iYtal – Gumipod Group also expressed satisfaction with the White Label World EXpo UK 2022. His company was there to promote a relatively new product, the iYtal refined CBD gum. 

Julian explained that the CBD chewing gum combines mint and eucalyptus to deliver a long lasting flavour. The “Gumipod” packaging has an added design feature of a smart bin to throw away your used gum.  Julian said of the product, “we incorporate all the 3 R’s of sustainability by encouraging customers to reduce gum litter waste by using the smart bin. We then dispose of the gum and the Gumipod is ready for reuse. All packaging is made of recycled materials.”

Julian is particularly happy with the participation at the Expo this year, as the iYTAL/ Gumipod Group have been announced as official winners of the “Innovative Product of The Year Award” 2022.

‘It was a fantastic turn out’,  he said. ‘ and we have already made positive connections and opportunities to further develop the brand and want to thank everyone who came down and visited us at this year’s White Label World Expo.”

For more information about the iYtal Gumipod Group contact;;

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