It’s Chinese New Year: Cathi Hargaden shows how to usher in energy flows towards wealth

Harnessing the Ancient Art of Feng Shui

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It’s the New Year and we at Diversity Business Magazine love to explore the diverse ways of celebrating the event around the globe. For thousands of years Chinese New Year, which falls on 8th February is celebrated with great fanfare and pageantry. It’s no different here in Medway and Kent where hundreds of revellers from the Chinese communities and beyond will throng the streets to usher in 2016, the Year of the Fire Monkey.  Another Chinese tradition which can be used as a tool to attract wealth, is the ancient art of Feng Shui. So as we clear out the old to bring in the new, will this be your year of abundance? Expert Cathi Hargaden demystifies the art and shows us how to attract the energy flows that will put us on a path to wealth and prosperity.

Feng Shui is a tradition which has been around for thousands of years yet remains shrouded in mystery for so many people. Can you give a beginner’s guide to its principles?

Feng Shui is 4000 years old and it’s not still around for NO reason.  Ever wondered why the re-emergence of the sleeping dragon -that is china, has emerged in the last ten years?  If you look at the astrology process, they have got on the train of the flow towards abundance and wealth and are still riding on that crest.  It’s all about how to keep a flow of energy in and around your life; as well as internal flow of chi within your body.  It comes from the book of the i Ching which is all about changes in life and making the moves towards your vision.

 Based on those principles how can Feng Shui attract wealth?

Think of the people who are rich. They become richer and richer.  They may lose their wealth but if they maintain the same energy – it will come back.  If you think of the energy of desperation and of the energy of relaxed wealth – they are two totally different scenarios.  So if you set up your environment to feel like the latter then what do you think is going to come towards you?

What should be the first steps to take if you are an entrepreneur wishing to improve your business?

Clear anything around you that has nothing to do with your business – you require a clear vision ahead of you that demonstrates where you want to drive your business.  Do not forget to clear the invisible patterns of any rooms you are operating in to dispel the self-defeating patterns of previous people.  These are the first two steps you must take.

Is Feng Shui a belief system or a science?

Good question. It is where Art meets Science; all beliefs are a geometric form within our minds; that is why people believe in religions; it’s is a pattern of thinking based on tradition and culture which provides a structure to a belief.  So you may believe something but how is that going to affect the energetic systems that exist around you; whether it’s key lines, geopathic stress, power of colour etc.  You can believe it and it works for you; you don’t have to believe it and it can still work for you.  A science? if you look at the Forbidden City and its design it was built by a Vietnamese Architect designed to such great detail in proportion to sacred geometry and mathematical precision – if this is what constitutes a science then yes; it’s both a science and a belief or non-belief system but either way, there is truth in the effectiveness of its results.

How did you get into Feng Shui?

I got into Feng Shui via a group I attended to do with meditation.  Meditation is about energy and this was an extension of that very idea.  I went from strength to strength and then ended up teaching in major colleges in Manchester and one of the universities. 


How come such an ancient art is gaining popularity in today’s world?

Because of the melting of the Chinese State some of the ancient philosophies which were forbidden to be researched, re-emerged. But even prior to communism, Feng Shui was strictly for the elites-this is how they controlled and amassed their power and wealth.  They knew how to control the flow of energy and domination in order to stay in power.  Amongst the masses of Chinese people very few understand or knew about the principles. It was the monks of the Emperors who were the sole holders of this knowledge.  Now it has begun to leak to the public and provided mass access right across the world.

Since becoming a teacher in Feng Shui, are there people who have influenced you. Do you have Feng Shui practitioners who are role models?

First of all, I may have a Feng Shui mastery website but in all honesty I would never call myself a master of anything!  We are all constantly exposed to new experiences and knowledge so one can never know everything.  Though I have been able to teach the subject by breaking it down into ways people CAN get it and have disarmed some of the Chinese mythology around what could be very confusing.  Based on the experience and outcome of my students they clearly got the philosophy and implementation and it made perfect sense to them.  But Master? No.  I have had one teacher who challenged me and provided me with literature that gave me the opportunity to make realisations of what Feng Shui IS truly about.

How does one get started?

I have provided lots of resources for people to get started; if you want step by step tuition, I have an on line course; for more info go to where there are pod casts and eight boxes covering every aspect of your life.  The two things people need to do first is get rid of their clutter and cleanse their space.  If you go onto my youtube channel: What is Feng Shui?  There are resources to view and a space clearing kit for people to purchase.

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