“Don’t Let Them Stop You! – It’s Personal.” Author Angela R Morris Urges Readers to Take Charge

Croydon born Angela is a fresh voice in the world of self-help literature.  Her first book, “Don’t Let Them Stop You! – It’s Personal” is a no holds barred book, (now available on Amazon) which encourages readers to dismiss the influence of others over their life and take charge of their decisions.

In a culture which is often shaped by external opinions, Angela Morris’ book aids readers in their efforts to navigate the challenges of dealing with others’ opinions and thoughts which may cripple their progress.

“Don’t Let Them Stop You! – It’s Personal” deals with some of the impact of external pressures which may be getting in the way of decision-making and offers practical tips and approaches to successfully steer past them.

Don’t Let Them Stop You! is the title of a series of hard-hitting self-help books from Angela which aims to enable readers to transform their lives on their journey of self-discovery.

“Don’t Let Them Stop You! – It’s Personal”, the first in the series, explores a range of themes including parenting styles, abandonment, past trauma, mental health, relationships, feminism and more.

“This book is full of practical tips and approaches to help the reader find and keep their sense of identity when the people close to them try to control them”, explains author Angela Morris.

“Don’t Let Them Stop You! – It’s Personal is on Amazon now.

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