How to Improve Whole Team Learning

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Have you ever considered what you could be doing to improve relationships in your team? You wouldn’t be alone! You need to do more to ensure that your team can work together well and it takes time to build that rapport. If you want to learn to be a team player, you’re in the right place because improving whole team learning should be a priority for you. 

You don’t want to force people to work together, but you do need to figure out the learning styles of your teammates and coworkers so that you can be effective in learning together. You need to ensure that you are filling those knowledge gaps, from outdoor classrooms for team training to letting people work from home where possible. What is your business doing to keep people learning together? Whatever you’re doing now can always use a refresher, and you need to ensure that you are engaging the people working for you so that you can run your business efficiently – and well! So, with that in mind, here are some suggestions of how you can improve whole team learning and bring your team together.

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  1. Look for the gaps. Where is learning a priority for your business? You know how people work but if they’re not working well enough together, you have to keep the focus on what’s important right now so that you can avoid learning things that don’t meet those gaps. 
  2. Don’t forget that people are different. People always learn differently based on their personality. Some people learn by doing and others learn audio-style, where they listen and learn at once. The problem is that the grasp of information needs to be delivered in a way that doesn’t cost you the earth. You cannot expect a single webinar training session to work for all of your employees, so before you start any kind of training, check with your team and find out how they learn the best. If you are someone that enforces a ‘one size fits all’ approach, you’re not going to win anyone over anytime soon!
  3. Solve problems as they happen. If you notice your team struggling with a new system that is being implemented, then the best thing to do is to solve those issues as they happen. People fear making mistakes and in the economy we’re in, they also fear losing their jobs if they get something wrong. Engage your team so that they know that they can come to you without issue so that you can adjust as needed. You want to ask your people what support they need so that you can accommodate them properly. 
  4. Celebrate all learning achievements. From certifications to trophies, rewarding wins is always a good idea. Whether you verbally pat your team on the back or you physically do it, you want people to know that their learning is valued. You need to show them that their skills are valid to you and the more that they learn, the better!

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