One in Eight Employees in UK has Taken Time off Work for Stress in Last Year

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Policies like flexible or remote working can help employees balance work and home life, and things like turning off email servers outside of working hours helps ring fence valuable recovery time. Mental health first aid training can also help managers spot the signs or triggers and put preventions in place.

In the workplace, particularly for safety-critical roles, maintaining both the mental and physical wellbeing of staff  is of great importance. This includes regular assessments for safety critical medical requirements, as a business owner you should make sure you’re up to date in all areas of occupational health law. 

You should also prioritize ventilating your office correctly. You can add a fan blower to your ventilation appliances to optimise air circulation within your office. Poor indoor air quality has been proven to increase the chances of developing mental health problems. 

In addition, contractors or freelancers who don’t have the support of HR might need to adopt their own strategies such as setting working hours, turning off email alerts out of these hours and separating work and living space if working from home.


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