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I know what you’re thinking! Not another business magazine about high flyers earning loads of money and making it in the hard world of commerce. Fortunately, it’s not that kind of business magazine. Frankly there are too many of those already and I wouldn’t dream of replicating them.

Diversity Business Magazine offers a new type of magazine, catering to small business owners and as the name suggests we ‘d like to promote a variety of people whose creative flair, inspiration and innovation is changing the face of entrepreneurship in Britain today. People like our front cover couple Vini & Bal whose Rustic Indian sauces are enriching the home cooking experience of millions of people now that they have won investment from Piers Linney the Dragons’ Den star. Their emotional performance on TV captured the hearts of many and we are willing them to take on the big supermarkets and change how we eat as a nation for the better.

In much the same vein, Tamara Arbib from Rebel Kitchen has not compromised her ideals to introduce great tasting children’s snacks without the need to overload natural flavours with too much sugar. She is at the forefront of a food revolution and we learn how she is using entrepreneurship to propel her mission. We will return to the subject of food innovation in later editions so keep posted to these pages

Flying the creative flag on the filming front, Bibi Owusi Shadbolt a film maker from London goes through the highs and lows of seeing her original story mounted on celluloid. Though it’s probably a digital recording these days, the independent film industry is one of the toughest markets to crack, posing many challenges to those who offer a different vision. But that’s precisely what we are celebrating here between these pages, the difference, the uniqueness of a multi-talented, multi-cultural, entrepreneurial Britain.

There is much to be cheerful about as the new figures for economic activity in the south east, the highest concentration of entrepreneurs in UK portray the highest increases in business performance. Business owners have responded positively to a number of surveys indicating a new air of optimism for the future.

Finally, my clarion call to other mothers out there embarking upon a journey of entrepreneurship, is to please join me as I navigate the stormy waters. In my business blog, I reach out to you for advice and moral support. In fact I reach out to all entrepreneurs for guidance and support. For in telling our stories, we may motivate others. So please open up and showcase your creativity and daring. We want to be inspired. We want to rejoice in all your splendid colours. This is your magazine; lay claim to it. Diversity Business Magazine is finally launched!



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