Dee Stringer – Brings Tomorrow’s Treatment to You Today through Holistic Massage

Dee Stringer looks for more business at the Hoo Fair

When Dee Stringer decided to set up her own clinic providing holistic massage therapies to treat conditions such as Lymphoedema,  after many years serving as a clinical nurse with the army and then the NHS, she never expected to feel so fulfilled and in line with her calling.

“I love connecting with people and taking time to listen to their concerns and providing an individualised plan of treatment for each person in their own homes.”

Dee Stringer lights up when talking about her businesses, ‘Amethyst Therapies and Swelling Matters.’ She is gratified at how they are making a difference to the lives of mostly women who would otherwise wait months for treatment and care under an NHS saddled with high demand and long waiting lists.

A quick lesson by Dee on lymphoedema, reveals that it is a common condition affecting both men and women appearing as a swelling in the body. It can be symptomatic of an underlying health condition connected to kidney disease, heart failure, chronic lung disease, thyroid disease, liver disease and even the treatment of cancer. It is caused by obesity and the growing sedentary lifestyles we are all leading.

“It often goes undiagnosed and the lipoedema, (the swelling of the hips, buttocks and legs) almost exclusively affected by women can be very painful and restrict mobility if left untreated” explains Dee.

Through her mobile clinic aptly named ‘Swelling Matters’ Dee reaches patients faster in the Kent area relieving the pain in a timely manner. The treatment consists of three stages involving massage, bandaging and a period of skincare and exercise to increase blood circulation.

“It’s going to be bigger than cancer” says Dee who has found that keeping up with demand for treatment and care in the Kent area is a 365 day affair. Dee has only taken 3 days off in the last fourteen weeks since working.

Her passion to improve lives has been recognised by winning a series of accolades including the Inspired Achievement Award for Kent Health and Beauty in 2016, the Gold Award and the Finalist Award for the Kent Women in Business in 2017. She has recently been appointed the Representative for the South East Coast for the British Lymphology Society (BLS). Dee has also teamed up with the Royal College of GPs to design a training course to meet the demand for specialised clinicians.

“It’s enjoyable, cathartic and holistic” says Dee, “I am making a difference by treating everyone as a person and not a condition.”

Those she can’t reach through her mobile clinic, she reaches through social media answering questions and patient concerns online. She even has clients as far as Afghanistan, US and other far regions. Additional platforms for marketing her businesses involve taking part in the Hoo Fair where Dee continues to look-out for clients. “Others go to fairs looking for business, while I go looking for big legs,” she jokes, tongue-in-cheek but always mindful of achieving her big ambition to change lives.

For more about ‘Swelling Matters; contact: Tel: 07919926680  Fb : dee.stringer1/Swelling Matters/Amethyst Therapies. Twitter : @DeeStringer1Web : ;Email : ;

For more about the Hoo Fair contact:

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