The Hoo Hand Made and Pamper Fair has Gone Psychic!

Sian Murphy & Mark Jennings,organisers of the Hoo Fair enjoy a light moment together.

Since the launch of the Hand- Made and Pamper Fair in Hoo, Medway first appeared in Diversity Business Magazine two years ago, the event has gone psychic and reinvented itself as the Psychic, Health and Beauty Fair as our reporter found out on a recent visit.

Though essentially the range of crafts, products and services promoting health and well-being remain the same (you will be pleased to hear), the psychic element has definitely added an exciting edge to the event.

Wife and Husband Team (yes in that order) Sian Murphy and Mark Jennings run the show and have strived to keep the friendly and relaxed atmosphere the event is known for. You can still get your complimentary tea, coffee and cake all on the same entry ticket of just £2.50. The community spirit is still there highlighting Sian’s aims to support women get their businesses off the kitchen table and into bigger markets.

“I’m pleased about how the Fair has developed and how our mission to enable as many women as possible fulfil their dreams, create wealth, provide for their families and contribute to their community has become a reality.”

Now an important fixture on the Kent calendar every third Sunday of the month, the Hoo Psychic, Health and Beauty Fair is a lovely way to spend your Sunday while supporting local businesses. Just like the two women featured in the links below.

For more about the Hoo Fair contact:

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