Sarah Finn’s Time to Sparkle!

Sarah Finn at The Hoo Fair

First-time stall-holder, Sarah Finn was delighted at the response to her business when she took part in the Hoo Psychic, Health and Beauty Fair in the summer and has already made plans to return.

Sarah recently started her new business ‘Time to Sparkle’ selling Nu Skin, a range of health and beauty products from her home after receiving news that she could no longer work due to a medical condition.

“I was looking for a business that could work around my illness now that I am medically retired. I was introduced to the Nu Skin products by a friend and I actually tried and liked the toothpaste which is part of their health and beauty range and then became a distributor and started my own business.”

Taking part at the Hoo Fair has given Sarah the chance to gain more exposure after only one year of going it alone from home.

“So far I’m loving it. I’m able to reach more customers and take time to explain the products and let the customers try out samples. I like meeting new people and talking with the other stall holders. It’s a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.”

Sarah found the encouragement and support the organisation offered a real boost to make the change.

“You get a lot of support if you’ve never run a business before as you can be part of a team which offers advice and guidance. It’s perfect for someone like myself who was looking for a career that gave me more flexibility.”

Sarah’s story reflects the reason why so many women choose to take part in the Hoo Fair every third Sunday of the month and fulfils the aims of the organisers Sian Murphy who created the event to give women greater opportunity to gain financial independence and security for themselves and family.

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