The Forever Living Story – Changing the Way We Do Business

Selvum and Nanda and friends
Business Owners Nanda Arulparam (top left) and Selvum Padiachey (top right) hosting Forever Living Product Launches. (Below) Nanda Arulparam and Selvum Padiachey with other members from the Team

Aloe Vera seems to be the current buzzword in health and nutrition. Yet in many parts of the world, the health benefits of the plant have been known for centuries. To have an aloe vera plant in your garden was considered essential for healthy living. In today’s world, one company in particular seems to excel in spreading the good news about the plant through its network of small business owners. In the following ‘questions and answers’, two business owners of Forever Living Products, Selvum Padiachey (top right) and Nanda Arulparam (top left), explain just why the brand is a top seller and how it is changing their lives for good forever.

What is Forever Living?

It is a family owned multi billion dollar company which was founded in 1978. The founder Rex Maughn had a vision of sharing the tremendous benefits of Aloe Vera to help people LOOK BETTER and FEEL BETTER ! By recommending these top quality products, individuals start up their own businesses. Forever Living is the brand leader in Aloe Vera products and also the world’s largest beekeeper. We manufacture and distribute a wide range of natural products. Forever living is now trading in 159 countries world wide. 159 governments have given their approval to this outstanding product range as well as the very clever business model.

Our Story

Nanda: I am a mum of two teenage boys. My eldest son had a skin condition since he was a baby. His skin was dry, itchy, and sometimes sore and infected. My friend, Selvum Padiachey introduced me to the Aloe Jelly, Aloe Propolis Cream and Aloe Berry Nectar drinking gel. These gave him tremendous relief. I was even more relieved as I didn’t have to watch helplessly when my son was in distress. I registered to join the company largely to buy the products at wholesale. I saw the financial benefits of recommending these fabulous products to other people and attended the award winning training which the company provides.

I met other business owners who were from all walks of life: accountants, teachers, doctors, hairdressers and all very successful. At this time I was considering returning back to a career as a chartered certified accountant. However, I still wanted to be able to do the school run and be at home during school holidays. Forever has given me the opportunity to earn the same as I would in a corporate career and have a good work life balance. So here I am!

Selvum:I am a Mum, and part- time teacher. During the economic recession our household income was affected, while having 2 sons at University as well as seeing to ageing parents in South Africa. Forever’s natural range of products appealed to me. I recalled my Mum drinking Aloe Vera juices to help cope with her joint ailments ! As a teacher , I did not want to go back to the classroom full-time ,as I wanted the time and flexibilty of working from home, around family friendly hours. The coaching aspect of this business struck a cord with me! I certainly enjoy working with people too!

What is different about Forever’s Aloe?.

Forever Living owns over 6,500 acres of Aloe Plantations and also has its own Research and Development and Manufacturing Facilities. This allows full control over what goes into the products. No herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers are used in its cultivation. Our Aloe leaf is hand harvested and hand filleted. The quick stabilisation process is Patented which means that no other manufacturer in the world can bottle the product in this way. This cold pressing process allows the ingredients in the Aloe to stay active. All this happens within hours of harvesting.

Forever Living Products does not test any of its products on animals as shown by the Leaping Bunny Stamp of Approval. We also have accreditations from other bodies including Halal, Kosher, The Islamic Society of California and the International Aloe Science Council. So our products can be used by a cross section of cultures and religions.

There is a 60 day satisfaction money back guarantee on all our products! Such is the confidence Forever has in its products.

What is network marketing?

Network marketing , also known as team marketing, is an effective business model that uses personal recommendation to promote and retail a company’s products or services. The term multi-level marketing was used in the past. A traditional way is to use advertising via TV, magazines etc. Consumers then buy the products from a retail outlet. In network marketing, the ‘retail outlets’ are actually its members or independent business owners, working from home. They promote and retail the products by personal recommendation which is a very powerful way of promoting products .For example if you see a good movie, you tell your friends to see it! Or if you’ve been to a very good restaurant, you tell everyone about it.

Independent business owners or Forever Business Owners , are given an incredible standard of training. Here in the U.K. Forever holds the Gold Standard in Investors in People Award for training and support.

Why is the Forever Living business model so successful amongst small business owners and amongst women?

Forever living UK has grown over 300% in the last few years. So we are incredibly successful. Our business model is very easy to learn, easy to teach, and is duplicatable ! It’s a small business which is started from home at very small start up cost. There are no overhead costs, no staff to employ and can be done flexibly around family time or alongside a full-time job. Build up your Forever business in the nooks and crannies of your life! It is a highly lucrative business structure which offers huge financial and personal benefits like time and freedom which the traditional business models cannot match.

This business seems to be very popular with women because women are the ones who tend to buy the toiletries, skincare and cosmetics. Women are also generally in charge of the nutritional needs of the family. Hence, most women come into the business through the products and personal benefits like time freedom.

Forever Living is certainly a business opportunity for men as well. The men tend to very quickly see the uncapped income potential ! Perhaps something to do with their head for figures. Or perhaps they see the potential untapped marketplace which we have access to. The average annual spend in Beauty Sector in the U.K. Is £8.6 billion, £1 Billion on Weight Management and around £90 million on Sports Nutrition!

Forever Living Team
Selvum Padiachey (left) and Nanda Arulparam (right) with other Forever Living Business Owners

You are independent business owners yet you choose to work as a team. Why?

This business is designed to reward Forever BusinessOwners (FBOs) for building a team and mentoring them to advance on the marketing plan. It is about a lot of people, each doing a little. You earn multiple income Streams, first of which is retail income from the products, followed by team bonuses. A team member may be capable to run with the business and may not need our help as we are independent businesses, but it’s often the case that team members perform better with help and support.

We have always worked as a team.. We work well together and we respect each other’s input. We have recently raised money for the MacMillan Cancer support by doing a couple of very successful Coffee Mornings. These events turned out to be quite enjoyable and we got to introduce our fantastic products to large groups of people!

What have been the challenges and successes of starting the business?

Nanda: My biggest challenge was sharing the products with sceptical friends and relatives. Many people do not believe they can manage symptoms from using these natural products. most people have become reliant on pharmaceutical medication. And our company is very strict about us not making any medical claims. But the proof is in the pudding and after trying a product many were converted.

My other challenge was hosting product launches and doing presentations.; I lacked confidence; perhaps a symptom of being a stay at home mum for many years. But with lots of practice, support from Selvum and sheer determination to overcome this, I’m feeling a lot more capable than I ever did!

Selvum: Being your own boss means you have to be self-motivated able to manage your time effectively and be consistent with your actions and daily activities. While I am highly motivated person, I have struggled with managing my time and with mastering the record keeping part of the business. There is a lot of training online and from attending Business Presentations that take place on a weekly base at different parts of the country. National recognition days or Success days is the icing on the cake for all our hard work!

Forever has given me a reason to sharpen my social media skills. I am able to connect and offer Forever aloe products and the business opportunity to people on a global scale; some of whom I have never met! It’s certainly heartening to receive a salary from different countries ! I have also moved up the marketing plan within 6 months of joining Forever and won an incentive for top Case Credits in the Area .. My Prize was .. To have Dinner with Bob Parker .. Our Country Manager !

What are your goals for the next five years?

Nanda: to build a team of at least 15 FBOs in order to get to the manager position. this will enable me to access the 5 star holidays incentive and the Forever 2 Drive car plan scheme. I will also be building teams abroad and will be working towards building my royalty style income. And I am really looking forward to hitting a six figure income!

Selvum: As success in Forever is about helping to build up “Manager businesses”, that is where I want to be ! A soaring manager earning a comfortable 6 -figure income. This will enable me to carry out my charity work in South Africa and India ,more easily.

What would you say to those still hesitant about networking marketing?

Choose a well established network marketing company with a sound training and support programmes in place. Then keep yourself open and available to all the trainings that are provided ! It is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme , however you can become rich with hard work ! The element of integrity and FUN is clearly experienced in this business.

This company has continued to grow despite all the recessions and wars over the last 38 years. Forever is cash rich and debt free! Forever continues to expand year by year.

How has your life changed since joining Forever?

Nanda: My knowledge of nutrition has expanded. I am now much more aware of what I cook for the family, what kind of products we use in the house and on our bodies. I understand the need for supplements and I can see a huge difference in my hair and skin. We have saved the NHS lots of money as I didn’t need prescription medication for my boys’ skin problems in 6 years.

I have been exposed to high profile motivational and inspirational mentors which I believe I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to. My confidence, self discipline, public speaking skills have all grown in leaps and bound ! My social circles have become bigger, more interesting, and fun. I have met so many like minded people since joining Forever.

Selvum: My household income has increased ! A greater cash flow as well as I have a quicker means of becoming debt- free. Drinking Aloe is made me into an energy charged up…Ever Ready Battery ! Products are great for my famiy. I am making new friends all the time and loving it ! With Forevers earned incentives….the future is looking very bright!

What should be on the family Christmas shopping list?

For Her: Sonya Skincare Collection; 25th Edition Eau de Parfum, Aroma Spa Collection. Colour Cosmetic especially our Light Up Lip Gloss.

Forever Living Products 3
Forver Living products make ideal stocking filler presents for Her

For Him: Gentleman’s Pride After Shave Balm. Aloe Shave foaming gel. Forever Styling Gel. 25th Edition Cologne.

For the Home: Essential Oils, Aloe Blossom Tea, Forever Honey,

For the Family: Our Personal Care products are very popular….. Jojoba Shampoo and Conditioner…. Aloe Hand and Face Soap…. Aloe Moisturising Lotion, and our very fast selling Toothgel! They will not want to go back onto their original High Street brands.

Forever Living Products 1
The Forever Aloe Lips is great for all the family

Sports & weight management : Definitely present our 9 Days Cleanse Pack to a loved one who wants to embark on a weight management plan…we can help him or her !

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