Key Considerations To Factor Into Your Office Makeover

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While you may be tempted to wait until the new year to redecorate or revamp your office, embarking upon this project now gives you a headstart on the time-consuming process. This means that you can enjoy the benefits sooner!

With that in mind, here are some of the key considerations that you must take note of when redecorating your office or workspace.

Your budget. As you look over your Q4 finances, it’s important that you set yourself a strict budget for this project. Otherwise, you risk spending money you don’t have. Remember, there are plenty of ways in which you can ensure your endevors are budget-friendly too. For example, instead of hiring someone to lay new floor for you, you could purchase MDF Cut to Size and carry out this task yourself!

The time frame. While it is entirely possible to redecorate before the new year begins, you also need to be realistic about how much time the project will take. After all, it may be that you need to work the renovations around your working hours so that you can continue business as normal. Alternatively, you may need to close up shop for a few days for work to be completed. Remember, if you’re going to be DIY-ing the renovations, it may take a little longer.

Your team’s well-being.  Many business owners do not put as much care and attention into decorating and maintaining employee-only spaces as they would to those used by customers. While this is understandable, it could actually be harming your business. For example, studies have found that dull or cluttered workspace inhibits creativity and productivity and can also have a negative impact on your employee’s mental health. Given that one in eight employees in the UK has had to take mental health leave in the last two years, it’s worth focusing on enhancing employee-only spaces, too! 

Lighting. While you may be keen to pick out the best office furniture, this is not the only component that you should be focusing on. Lighting, too, plays a key role in the way in which your office or team functions. For example, exposure to natural light can encourage productivity and heighten focus, whereas dull or dim lighting can lead to fatigue. Choosing the lighting carefully can help you create the perfect working environment for your team.

Comfort. Comfort is also important when it comes to revamping your office, as this will allow your team to work to the best of their ability. Focus on investing in ergonomic furniture that provides them with the best possible support and prevents injuries. You may also want to purchase standing desks for health-conscious employees.

The space. If you feel as though your office space is either too big or too small, you may want to consider relocating over redecorating. For example, if your team works from home more often than they work in the office, you’re likely racking up unnecessary bills when it comes to office rentals and utilities. As such, you could save hundreds of pounds each month by downsizing.


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