Looking Ahead – Diversity Will Be The Norm

The British ethnic minority population in England is growing at a much faster rate than the white British population. By 2051, the number of people from non-white backgrounds is expected to have doubled compared to its 2011 level, and to have reached two in five people (39.2%) in England. In fact, all the population growth will be accounted for by ethnic minority communities. Diversity will be the norm in pretty much everything we do.

Implications: This is a seismic change which is likely to impact on very many aspects of life. This basic fact should get all organisations, brands and agencies thinking hard about how to gear up for the new normal. What mindset will this require? What new teams? What cultural intelligence and insights capabilities?  

The information was taken from;  https://www.versiti.co. For more information contact: stephen@versiti.co

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