Launch of the Women in Business News – Africa and USA

The Presenters of the Women in Business News – Africa and USA, including guest, Gladness Ojo, (bottom right) from Iamwomenpreneur.

The Women In Business Radio Show welcomed listeners from around the world as it launched a new format, Women In Business News – Africa and USA in July 2018. Formidable host Sian Murphy with her co host Laura Lawrence  have been presenting WIB on Channel Radio for many years, building a global audience. The interest from Africa and USA, in particular led Sian to kick start a debate about how women can support each other as entrepreneurs from across the continents. So women in business in UK are connecting with women in business overseas. Fellow presenters on the show are Toccara Steele from VOS International, LLC,  USA, Tracy Fance from Spiritual Business Insights and Neema Kambona, publisher of this magazine. The programme will go out every last Thursday of the month and the first edition is available here. As presenters we had a hoot, discussed single women leadership, the optimum time to plan your business and the natural entrepreneurial abilities of women in Tanzania. But let us know what you think and what struck you most. Follow the link below:

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