Making Connections at ‘Women Like Me’ Business Expo

Mavis Amankwah, founder of Richvisions Small Business, celebrates second year of ‘Women Like Me’ Networking Club

Women Like Me’ came out in numbers to attend the event hosted by the energetic and inspiring Mavis Amankwah, of Rich Visions enterprises at the Hilton Hotel, Canary Wharf in September. Now celebrating its 2nd year, the event was created to provide women entrepreneurs and business owners a unique platform to network, share ideas, tips and mutually benefit, as only women know how, from the wide variety of workshops and programmes.

Mavis Amankwah, the founder of many businesses under the Rich Visions banner and winner of multiple awards, introduced the seminar with a plea to female networkers to stretch out of their comfort zone and do something new to grow their businesses.

Many women spoke of their experiences to overcome challenges both in business and life. The message of the conference was to ‘just get out there and do your thing, even if shaking at the outset’.  The results may exceed expectations.

Women like Victoria Griffith who survived domestic abuse to launch ‘Spectacular Women’, a coaching programme enabling women to overcome trauma and abuse and ‘shatter the glass ceiling of what others might think they can achieve.’  Victoria is launching her book ‘Unshakeable You’ which is part biography and part motivational guide to help women attain healing and self-fulfilment.

Here she is pictured with Mercy Francis, another ‘Woman Like Me’, who is on the threshold of starting a TV Channel. More about her broadcasting plans are revealed on The Women in Business Global News programme which aired on Channel Radio on 27th September. (See link:

Mercy Francis (left) and Victoria Griffith connect at the ‘Women Like Me’ Conference

Yemi Adesan’s mission at the event was to connect with as many Black and Asian Minority Nurses to encourage them to take up leadership positions. Using her experience of coming to these shores and starting as an auxiliary nurse when back home in Nigeria she had already achieved senior matron status, Yemi is now one of a handful of Black and Ethnic Minority Nurses working at the highest level. This is in spite of the hefty contribution African and Caribbean nurses have made to the NHS over the last 50 years.

Yemi Adesan’s mission – to encourage Black and Asian Minority Nurses to take up leadership positions.

Away from the shores of Britain, Dubai was promoted as the destination of choice for hair, beauty and wellness professionals by Celebrity Creations Management Speaker, Crystal King Emmanuel. ‘It’s not all about London’ she said refreshingly, reminding us that networking is about making global connections too.

Celebrity Creations Management Speaker, Crystal King Emmanuel

If you wanted to get away from it all, then award winning coach Jenny Garrett promoted the ‘Happenista Retreat’ in Essex for women wishing to gain practical inspiration. Jenny dared the audience ‘to risk their significance in service of something greater’. Arguing that the risks you take in life bring about the greatest growth. Jenny has also written a best-selling book , ‘Rocking Your Role’, broaching the subject of female breadwinners and started the social enterprise ‘ Rocking Ur Teens’ inspiring teenage girls and boys to gain self-esteem and confidence to lead their best lives.

Jenny Garrett – Transforming the world one empowered woman at a time

Other speakers included Nannette Della from ConsultNett Property Investments, Mercy Geker from V.Lace (vegan friendly) Cosmetics and Carol Bablola, founder of A Date with Christ Fate Academy. All on the platform of sharing, supporting and empowering women as only we know how.


For more about the entrepreneurs at the ‘Women Like Me’ Business Expo check out:


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