More Lockdown Arts and Entertainment from the London Southbank’s Online Programme ‘Inside Out’

Bell Orchestre performs new music from their album ‘House Music’. Image Credit Nicolas Canniccioni

The London Southbank’s Centre has extended a second season of its successful multi arts online programme ‘Inside Out’. Audiences will not be disappointed with a top line up of international artists and diverse events. From music, to literature, to the spoken word, the second season, launched 24 January until 6 May 2021, promises to entertain and inspire.

On the music front, the Canadian Bell Orchestre presents a premiere performance of new music from their album ‘House Music’ on 13 March. Against the backdrop of woodland scenery, the performance provides an exciting visual and auditory experience that continues  ‘to shift the boundaries of instrumental music.’

For more about the Bell Orchestre performance see here

London Contemporary Orchestra are combining the voices of leading vocal groups VOCES8 and Apollo5 in their one-off show at the Southbank on 19th March.  Music by composers Duval Timothy, Kelly Lee Owens, and Kjartan Sveinsson is offered as well as new arrangements by Icelandic popular artists, Robert Ames with a rendition of ‘Ascent’ by Oscar winning composer Hildur Guðnadóttir and Geoff Lawson’s orchestral presentation of ‘momentary’ Ólafur Arnalds.

Details of how to access the event can be found here

Author; Naomi Ishiguro. Image credits; Rosie Powell

The literature programme includes a much anticipated appearance of father and daughter team Kazuo and Naomi Ishiguro in conversation with broadcaster Razia Iqbal on 19th March. Kazuo and Naomi Ishiguro will explore universal themes of love, friendship and loyalty from a generational perspective. Kazuo Ishiguro, the 2017 Nobel Laureate for Literature, has published his first book ‘Klara and the Sun’ since winning the prize. Other popular titles by the author include ‘Remains of the Day’ which was made into a film starring Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins. Daughter Naomi Ishiguro will be discussing her debut novel ‘Common Ground’  which follows the story between two friends from different cultural backgrounds.

Author Olivia Laing explores issues around the freedom of the body and the movement to control one’s own body. The themes are taken up in her latest book ‘Everybody.’ Laing intertwines the legacies of Nina Simone and Malcome X in her narrative and rejoices in ‘the ways ordinary human bodies can resist oppression and reshape the world.’ The exclusive event is held on the 30th March.

Jhumpa Lahiri in conversation  on 6 May; Image credits; Elena Seibert

Another exclusive event brings author Jhumpa Lahiri in conversation on 6 May. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author discusses her latest novel, ‘Whereabouts,’ an evocative piece about a woman on the threshold of change. Set in a beautiful Italian city, ‘Whereabouts’ provides a wonderful depiction of the Italian landscape  Lahiri will read extracts from Whereabouts and reflect on the challenges of translating her book.

All literature events are available on demand for 7 days after the first broadcast. 

Skin; It Takes Blood and Guts; Image credits Marco Ovando

Other highlights include the launch of lead singer Skin’s powerful memoir It Takes Blood and Guts on 4 March. The multi talented and charismatic artist will reveal how she became an activist for LGBTQI+ community and ‘fought poverty and prejudice to write songs, produce, front her own band (Skunk Anansie) and become one of the most influential women in British rock’. 

The event takes place ahead of Skin’s appearance at Grace Jones’ Meltdown festival at the Southbank Centre in June 2021.

Though half term is nearly over you may just be able to catch DYSCO an event for all the family on Saturday 20th February. A joyful and fun workshop, DYSCO is for ‘all ages, bodies and minds’ and invites everyone to join in the dancing and moving.  DYSCO can be viewed on zoom and is led by dance artist Aby Watson, a self described dyspraxic, dyslexic and ADHD dance artist

Though Lockdown is not yet over, there’s still plenty to keep us going this season. Tickets for all the above events and many more can be purchased via the The Southbank Centre website.

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