Putting on The Glitz for Nollywood Premier “Victims Love Games”


Writer, Producer and Director of ‘Victims Love Games’ : Helen Surtees -Daniel

A review by Mercy Francis.

Nollywood premier “Victims Love Games”, written, directed and produced by Helen Surtees, a nurse by profession working in the industry for 32 years, is based on her own true life story. The multi-talented Surtees, who also found time to act in her own movie said she was keen to make the film to motivate other women.

Veteran Nollywood Actor – Uche Odokupta

Co-directed by Mercy Huln  and Prince Ukoye , who doubled up as cameraman and editor, the film starred Uche Odokupta (left), Nollywood legend and delight to interview on the red carpet.  Uche lent his considerable experience to help make the film. Speaking with his signature smile, he explained how the final product came together and how he enjoyed working with the whole cast and crew.

Helen Surtees-Daniel and Vera B Pride

A lot of supporters of Helen’s philanthropy and newbies to the Nollywood Premier scene came out to show their well-deserved support for the Red Carpet Glitz which took place at the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich in May 2019.

Others who worked behind the scenes, making the film what it is, were present in front of the cameras, gleaming with pride and excitement at the moment their film would make history.

Co Director and Nollywood Film -maker Prince Okoye

The co-director and editor, Prince Okoye spoke with much joy and enthusiasm about the project and the opportunity to nurture new talent as he did in the case of the film.

Vera B.Pride, the Cameroon born actress wowed in her outfit and spoke of her gratitude to Helen for being part of an amazing true life story. The film was shot in actual locations in UK, France and Cameroons. The next stop for the glittering premier event will be USA!

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